InnovoPro launches chickpea-based egg white alternative that promises “strong, stable” structure

The dry-ingredient blend is based on InnovoPro’s proprietary chickpea protein, CP-Pro 70, and “perfectly mimics” the functionality of an egg white, including delivering a strong, stable structure, neutral taste and a pristine white appearance desired in whipped desserts, such as meringues, company CEO Taly Nechushtan told FoodNavigator-USA.

Created specifically for industrial bakers and food manufacturers, the blend is easy to use and stands up to the less-than-ideal conditions that accompany production at large scale, Nechushtan added.

“We know that [bakers and confectioners] are early risers. They need to come to the factories very early in the morning. So, any additional processes that make their lives tougher or make their hours longer – they don’t like. So, this is why we wanted to offer such a simple solution that will really shorten the time of preparation for them,”​ Nechushtan said.

She explained that making a meringue with CP-Foam 1001 is as easy as combining the dry ingredient blend with sugar, adding water and then whipping.

“Voila! You get the foam. It cannot get any simpler,”​ she said.

The launch also fills a gap in the marketplace, which doesn’t have many options currently and those that are available often fail to check all the same boxes as CP-Foam 1001, said InnovoPro vice president of business development Guy Manor.

He explained that unlike other options, like aquafaba – which is popular among home bakers – CP-Foam 1001 will hold its shape, structure, texture and taste at ambient temperature for hours in an industrial setting.

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