13 Vision Board Examples for Your Work or Job

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What do you desire most when it comes to your career?

Do you dream of becoming your own boss and providing jobs to others?

Are you aspiring for a promotion?

Is it financial stability you’re after?

We all have goals for our jobs, and a vision board for work is a powerful manifestation tool that can bring us closer to those career goals.

Today’s article features eye-catching vision boards that serve as examples of how you can create a vision or dream board for your work.

Briefly, a vision board is a visual representation of what you desire in life. It usually involves a collage of images and words glued onto a sturdy surface.

Vision boards are commonly placed in prominent spots where the owners can gaze at them several times per day and visualize the realization of their goals.

But why exactly do you need a vision board? Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of using a vision board for accomplishing your work goals.

(Side note: If you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this six-step process for making the perfect vision board to achieve your goals.)

The Benefits of a Vision Board for Work

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from using a vision board for achieving your career goals.

1. Gives you motivation. A vision board can motivate people on to work hard toward the fulfillment of their goals, whether for work or in other aspects of their lives.

2. Allows you to reassess your situation. Sometimes, people feel trapped in a job that they don’t find fulfilling. A vision board can help you take a step back and reassess your current situation and evaluate what type of action you need to take in order to change your predicament.

3. Helps you de-stress. The process of creating a vision board can be soothing and enjoyable. You can turn vision boarding into a regular activity to help you find stillness, especially if you work in a hectic environment.

Are you ready to check out some vision board examples? Read on to see what we’ve got for you.

1. Make It Happen

vision board for job seekers | vision board for dream job | vision board for new job

via Jessica Fortunes

How do you go about creating your vision board?

For the owner of this board, she did some inner reflection and listed down all that she wanted for her career.

Then, while going through her list, she took out the goals that were not relevant or realistic. By doing so, she pared down her list to a more manageable length.

After she had a working list of her goals, she went to Canva, which is one of the most popular apps for creating a vision board online.

She then selected the images and text that resonated with her goals and laid them out in a way that made sense for her.

2. Higher Education Leader

what is a career vision board | how to make a career vision board | vision board for jobs

via Dr. Jaimie Hoffman

Here is another vision board that was created digitally. It is a word-rich vision board and even features a word cloud for all the traits and values that the board owner wants to manifest in his life.

In addition to creating your vision board through an app, you can also use Powerpoint, which is readily available on many computers.

3. An Epic Success

vision board checklist | dream board example | how to make a vision board

via Herdacity

The majority of this vision board’s design features text instead of images.

That’s one of the advantages of vision boards for manifesting what people desire—they can be made according to how the owner prefers to visualize their goals.

4. Mind Over Madness

vision board career goals | vision board ideas | career vision board for students

via The Art Therapy Rookie

A vision board can make you excited about your goals. When you’re creating it, visualize the feelings you’ll have when you’ve reached your goal. This way, you’ll be able to recognize situations that evoke these emotions. You’ll then be ready to act accordingly in order to manifest what you desire.

The example above focuses on essential features of a holistic center.

5. Girl Boss Building Her Empire

vision board ideas | vision board career goals | career vision board for students

via The Kind Mind Club

This vision board was embellished using different kinds of materials, such as cutouts from magazines, printables, photographs, and paper money.

In making your vision board, give your creativity free rein in order to come up with something very unique and personal.

If you’d like to incorporate printables in your vision board, check out this guide for where to get free awesome vision board printables.

6. Go for Gold

dream job vision board | new job vision board | career vision board template

via Kori Burkholder

Vision boards work for entrepreneurs, too! This vision board was created by an entrepreneur who has big dreams for her business.

It’s really exciting to see your dreams come true, especially if you’ve been visualizing them on a daily basis. That’s how a vision board works.

7. Visualize Your Success

vision board for jobs | vision board examples for students | dream job vision board

via Optometry Divas

What dreams and goals are you manifesting?

Some of the most common dreams and goals that people put on their vision boards include:

  • Becoming wealthy
  • A stellar career
  • Having good health
  • Being free
  • Going on a dream vacation

In a way, a vision board is the imagery that accompanies your bucket list.

Need some ideas? You might want to check out this post featuring an extensive list of things you can do before you kick the proverbial bucket.

8. This Is Your Year

new job vision board | career change vision board | career vision board template

via miranda.

If you work a corporate job, you might have had enough of to-do lists to remind you of what needs to be done. A vision board is a much more fun and creative way to accomplish your goals at work.

Grab those old magazines, some glue, and a pair of scissors and start creating. Alternatively, you can use a digital format or printables (such as in the example above) and other embellishments made especially for vision boards.

9. Yes, I Am Certain

digital vision board | vision board checklist | how to make a vision board for manifestation

via Kath Kyle

Science has recognized the positive impact of self-affirmations on people’s sense of self-worth.

In this vision board, an empowering self-affirmation is displayed in a prominent spot. It reminds the owner that they are capable, decisive, and professional.

10. Eve’s Portable Vision Board

vision board template | vision board ideas | career vision board for students

via The Spectator

Although apps are available to help people create and view their vision boards on any gadget, there are people who prefer the traditional method of creating them.

This is an example of a portable vision board made in the conventional method.

It was created between the pages of a journal. This vision board gives its owner a burst of inspiration each time they view it while on the go.

What I like about this portable, handmade vision board is that it’s easy to bring anywhere, especially to workplaces where you are not allowed to use devices during work hours.

11. An Entrepreneur’s Vision Board

how to make a vision board for manifestation | my vision board | vision board for dream job

via Pepper VA

Here is another example of a vision board made by an entrepreneur. It provides the owner with motivation to do and achieve more.

12. Envisioning the Perfect Job

vision board template | vision board maker | vision board app

via Solutions By Rachelle

Perhaps you’re currently between jobs and need guidance in what direction to take regarding your career. A vision board can help clarify your goals and intentions.

It can also help you find your dream job, where all of your abilities are utilized and appreciated.

13. A World of Difference

career vision board | job vision board | work vision board

via James Himm Mitchell

Finally, we have this text-rich vision board that focuses on manifesting a job that you love doing and that makes you happy while you’re doing it.

In order for your dreams to become reality, make it a personal commitment to gaze at your vision board at least twice a day and really focus on the idea that you’ve already manifested your dream.

Final Thoughts

If you need a career boost, a vision board for work can be the ultimate tool to bring you closer to success.

Creating a vision board can be a fun, engaging, exciting way to become clearer about your intention and desires in relation to your job.

Hopefully the examples featured in this article can motivate you to create a board that reflects what you truly want in life.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your quest for happiness and contentment.

Finally, if you need additional resources about vision boards, here are some posts you might want to visit:

Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this six-step process for making the perfect vision board to achieve your goals.

vision board for work | vision board template | vision board ideas

13 Vision Board Examples for Your Work or Job

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