11 Vision Board Ideas & Examples for Weight Loss

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Having difficulties with your weight loss goals?

As we work on becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves, there are moments when we lose motivation and slide back into unhealthy habits. Sometimes our goals are not clear enough and we get lost along the way.

Perhaps it’s time to try a method that helps those who use it achieve their goals.

We’re talking about vision boards.

Today’s article will help you harness the power of vision boards to achieve weight loss and other health goals.

Let’s quickly discuss how you can benefit from using a vision board for weight loss.

The Benefits of Vision Boards for Weight Loss

1. They help break your grand vision down into small, actionable steps. This prevents you from getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do in order to accomplish your weight loss goals.

2. They encourage you to find creative ways to lose weight. To make the journey to weight loss more enjoyable, you can include images of the activities that encourage weight loss and that you like to do.

3. It provides proof that you’re being proactive about becoming a better version of yourself. Self-improvement is a worthy goal, and your vision board serves as hard evidence that you’re willing to do what’s necessary in order to achieve it.

Let’s check out a collection of examples to help you find the best vision board for weight loss. We hope these boards will motivate you to keep working toward your goal and help you enjoy the process every step of the way.

1. Body Love

via Becoming Beautiful Today

This vision board is full of useful elements that motivate you to follow through on your intention to lose weight.

It features inspiring photos of the body type the creator of this board wants to achieve. Furthermore, the border is a sort of countdown to the ideal weight that the board creator is working toward.

The board also features a weekly workout schedule with target body parts for each day of the week. Finally, it has a table containing motivational quotes to encourage you to never give up on working towards this goal.

2. Printable Weight Loss Motivation Board

via Sweet Paper Trail

This printable set helps you lose weight by providing trackers to monitor your progress.

Some of the elements you’ll find in the set are:

  • Meal plan
  • Water intake tracker
  • Measurements tracker
  • Rewards board

You can lay out these printables any way you like to create your custom vision board. Set it on a cork board or on a firm poster board and then put it somewhere conspicuous. This way, you’ll see how you’re doing and maximize your use of a powerful visualization tool to bring you closer to your goal.

3. Motivation Wall

via Body Fixers

This board utilizes magazine cutouts of phrases, inspiring quotes, and images to keep its creator excited about following a weight loss habit.

As this example demonstrates, you can also use images featuring exercise routines that help you achieve your goal.

(Check out this post for fat-burning workouts that you can do anytime.)

4. Find Your Fit

via Cheers To Healthy Living on Tumblr

People have different reasons for wanting to lose weight. The creator of this board intends to lose weight before going on a cruise.

She included a calendar in her vision board to keep track of the days until her vacation.

To motivate her further, she has allocated spaces for timeline pictures of herself as she gets closer to her ideal weight. These non-scale victories further motivate her to continue working on her goal.

She also included a real bikini top as part of the board’s design as a reminder of her goal to be slim for her vacation.

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via My Beautiful Mess

Some people use a binder or vision board planner to help manifest their goals. This has the advantage of being portable and providing easy access.

This way, you’ll be able to review your goals and visualize their realization wherever you go.

This vision board features cutouts from magazines, stickers, and printouts to bring it to life.

6. Accomplished and Excited

via Carrie Elle

This brightly colored vision board template helps you keep track of your health goals and ensures that you’re working on them with intention and clarity.

When working with this template, there are guide questions to answer. The answers that you write down on the template will become part of the overall design of your vision board. They serve as powerful visual reminders of why you’re working to lose weight in the first place.

This printable set comes with words, quotes, and images you need to create the perfect vision board for your health goals.

7. Naturally Light, Lean, and Healthy

via Sober Alley

This vision board contains an affirmation to help you stay focused on your intention to lose weight. As far as vision boards go, this example is one of the simplest in terms of layout. Nevertheless, it is very effective.

Affirmations are a powerful way to bring you closer to your goals. They rewire your brain to become more receptive to opportunities that help manifest what you want.

(Check out this post for 65 powerful weight loss affirmations and motivational quotes.)

8. Personal Best

via Subconscious Diet on Medium

Here’s a weight loss motivational board that also serves as a progress tracker. It has a workout reminder to tell the owner the type of workout to focus on for each day of the week.

It also includes an “inches” tracker, where the board’s owner can take daily measurements of parts of their body to see if they’ve made progress.

Do you see yourself creating a detailed vision board like this?

9. One Pound at a Time

via Pinterest

Here’s a vision board example that features clothespins in a creative and clever way to keep track of how much weight the board’s owner has lost over a certain period of time.

Each mini clothespin represents one pound. The idea is that for every pound lost, the board’s owner moves a clothespin to the designated spot on the vision board.

10. Keep Going

via Pinterest

If you have the talent for doodles and don’t mind creating a vision board from scratch, you might want to try something like this example.

The creator used a magnetic board and assorted colored dry-erase pens to doodle their goals. The effect is eye-catching and informative.

11. Plant Based for Life

via Plant-Based Cooking

This board serves as motivation for the creator to lose weight in the healthiest way possible. It features their intention to embrace a healthy way of eating and incorporate exercise into their daily routine.

The vision board is made from a poster board and some magazine cutouts. It is proof that you don’t need fancy vision board supplies to create a highly effective tool for achieving your goals.

Final Thoughts         

Many people want to lose weight for health reasons, and a vision board is the perfect tool for helping them achieve this goal.

Creating a vision board for weight loss can be one of the most enjoyable activities you can do to effect positive change in your life.

We hope that the examples and ideas featured today will inspire you to dive in and create your own board so you can reach your health goals.

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11 Vision Board Ideas & Examples for Weight Loss

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